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Brochocka – The Young Wife

Seventeen diary entries intertwine in this stage work with interludes marking the passing of time. Time, in turn, is presented in a way that corresponds to the notions and feelings of an energetic young married woman, neither used to domestic duties nor long hours of silence and loneliness.


Bella mia fiamma… – Mozart Concert Arias

The concert arias of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - skilfully designed, cut and tailored with the precision of a master couturier to suit the voices of favoured singers - make up a theatrical piece where costumes, sets and even the libretto are of minor importance.


Der fliegende Holländer

Der fliegende Holländer ARTISTS: Antoni Wit - conductorWarsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra and ChoirHans Sotin - bass (Daland)Christiane Libor - soprano (Senta)Endrik Wottrich - tenor (Eryk)Ewa Marciniec - alto (Mary)Ryszard Minkiewicz - tenor (Steuermann)David Pittman-Jennings - baritone (Holländer)Henryk Wojnarowski - choirmasterRELEASE DATE: 10/2007CATALOGUE NO. ACD 143GENRE: opera music DESCRIPTION LISTA UTWORÓW LISTEN DESCRIPTION LISTA UTWORÓW CD1 1. Ouverture 11:01ACT 1 2. Introduction. Choir: Hojohe! Hallojo! Hojoha! Ho! 1:273. Daland: Kein Zweifel! Sieben Meilen fort 3:434. Steuermann: Seit außer Sorg.! Schlaft ruhig, Kapitän! 5:015. Nr 2. Aria Holender: Die Frist ist um 3:356. Holländer: Wie oft in Meeres tiefsten Schlund 2:497. Holländer: Dich frage ich, gepriesner Engel Gottes 3:048. Holländer: Nur eine Hoffnung soll mir bleiben 3:279. Nr 3 Duett & Choir: He! Holla! Steuermann! 4:0310. Holländer: Durch Sturm und bösen Wind verschlagen 4:5311. Daland: Wie? Höre ich recht? 7:2512. Steuermann: Südwind, Südwind! 2:0413. Choir: Mit Gewitter und Sturm aus fernem Meer attaca ACT 2 14. Introduction 2:1915. Nr 4. Choir: Summ und brumm, du gutes Rädchen 3:4016. Mary:…


Arias – Verdi & Puccini

The record features arias of the two most popular Italian composers, Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini, for lyric soprano (Mimi, Lauretta, Liú) and lirico-spinto soprano (Tosca, Butterfly, Leonora, Desdemona).


K. Szymanowski – King Roger

King Roger, a work at the heart of Szymanowski's compositional outputis the product of a great double synthesis - a synthesis of musical styles and languages and a synthesis of cultures.


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