okładka płyty Noumen


Sebastian Aleksandrowicz – oboce, cor anglais
Tomasz Januchta – double bass
Lutosławski Quartet:
Bartosz Woroch – 1st violin
Marcin Markowicz – 2nd violin
Artur Rozmysłowicz – viola
Maciej Młodawski – cello

ACD 254

chamber music

The most important new pieces for old instruments are created in cooperation with composers, therefore all four works on this album had their beginning in Aleksandrowicz meeting their authors.
The album opens with a composition by Zbigniew Bargielski from 1988, On the Other Side of Silence. This piece was originally composed for clarinet and string quartet (Through the Looking Glass) – the oboe version was written by the composer in 2014, commissioned by the 11th edition of the Ensemble Festival in Książ, the Miniatures by Marcin Markowicz also premiered at the Książ Festival, but in 2009. Jan Duszyński and Aleksander Kościów composed their works in 2017. (…)
The works on the album ask questions rather than give answers, and they do it in a very subtle way. Still, from the first to the last sounds you have the impression of being in touch with a mystery – non-verbal despite words appearing, expressed metaphorically with sounds. This is an invitation to constantly move to the other side of the mirror, into the world of your own imagination.

Ewa Szczecińska
(Polish Radio)

Zbigniew Bargielski (*1937)
1. Po drugiej stronie ciszy (On the Other Side of Silence) for oboe and string quartet (1988/2014) 15:15

Marcin Markowicz (*1979)
Five Miniatures for oboe and string quartet (2009) 7:36
2. Allegro (leggiero) 1:08
3. Tempo di valse 1:07
4. Scherzo: Allegro 0:50
5. Andante 3:22
6. Allegro (leggiero) 1:07

Jan Duszyński (*1976)
7. Dom pracy twórczej (A House of Creative Work) – sextet for cor anglais, oboe, string quintet and tape* (2017) 12:18

Aleksander Kościów (*1974)
8. Noumen 2 – quintet for oboe and string quartet (2017) 18:42

* Text: Jan Duszyński; Voice: Maria Łozińska

Total time:     54:22

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