Pictures at an Exhibition, Kienderszenen, Children’s Corner

The collection contains both very popular items (like The Dream) and true small masterpieces (like the scene of a child falling asleep – Kind im Einschlummern). Claude Debussy in his collection of six miniatures Children's Corner takes a similar look. However, rather than idealizing the world, he watches it closely from the perspective of his small daughter Chouchou's regular playmate.


Wojciech Kilar – Missa pro pace

In a letter to Bohdan Pociej composer writes: "... I fear theatricality, pomposity and pathos; hence the reason for drawing on century-old or indeed thousand-year old traditions; hence also the decision of renouncing in the Credo any form of orchestral temptations by composing this pivotal section of the work for solo tenor and a cappella chorus (...).


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