Piano Concertos

The CD Accord album with Chopin's piano concertos is a unique item on the long list of Chopin Year releases. The performers, A. Rubinstein and M. Argerich - great names known to every music lover - rarely appear on Polish albums.


Wojciech Kilar – Missa pro pace

In a letter to Bohdan Pociej composer writes: "... I fear theatricality, pomposity and pathos; hence the reason for drawing on century-old or indeed thousand-year old traditions; hence also the decision of renouncing in the Credo any form of orchestral temptations by composing this pivotal section of the work for solo tenor and a cappella chorus (...).


Les Chemins d’Amour

Maestri of French song - is a suitable title for the brief anthology of works featured in this recording, performed by two outstanding artists whose interpretations ideally convey the essence of individual song styles that emerged within the framework of a collective French style.


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