Bach – Cantatas for alto

The church cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach (1685−1750) are masterpieces ranked among the supreme achievements of European culture and constitute the most splendid musical pendant to the Bible in its Protestant, German and Lutheran interpretation.


Martha Argerich live at Warsaw Philharmonic

Light, shade, sensitivity, thoughtfulness, emotion, reflection, dreams, passion, brilliance, effectiveness, momentum and impetus; a bewitching melodic line, with unexpected contrasts of competing male and female characteristics − the sumptuous expression of a romantic piano in dialogue with a romantic orchestra...


Early Polish Masses

The Missa Paschalis evokes late Renaissance counterpoint more as an idea than a set of strict principles. Gorczycki was too much a man of his time to do so, having experimented with the concertante technique, contemporary harmonic idiom and the melodic contrasts typical of the Baroque era.


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