Rafał Augustyn

Rafał Augustyn

Rafał Augustyn was born 1951 in Wrocław. He studied composition with Ryszard Bukowski and Polish Studies at Wrocław University where he works till this day. He completed his compositional studies in Katowice under Henryk Mikołaj Górecki. He is also a music critic for the press, radio and TV and engages in organisational activities (among others he was director of the “Musica Polonica Nova” and “Musica Electronica Nova” festivals and collaborated in the organisation of the “Warsaw Autumn” and “Wratislavia Cantans” festivals). He occasionally performs as pianist.


orchestral: Ballada for strings (1977);
Atlantis II for full symphony orchestra and chorus (1983);
A Life’s Parallels for high voice and orchestra (1983); A linea for cello and string orchestra (1995);
Itinerarium for orchestra and piano (2001);
Symphony of Hymns for voices, instruments and electronics (1984-2004)

chamber: string quartets; Miroirs for five performers (1997);
Cinque pezzi diversi for strings and piano (1993-1996);
Brief narratives for two narrators, ensemble and electronics (2003);
Shadow, Inc. for four musicians (2004)

instrumental solo: for piano: Monosonata (1976);
Variations on a theme of Paganini (1987-1989);
for violin: Cyclic Piece No. 1 (1986);
Long Island Rail Road (1984); for double-bass: Cyclic Piece No. 2 (1990);
for flute: Varesiana (1987)

vocal solo: Carmina de tempore for soprano, piano and viola (1981); Five calligrams by Apollinaire for soprano and piano (1991); Independent. Four poems by Miron Białoszewski for high voice, flute and harp (1999)

choral: Three Roman Nocturnes (1986/1990);
In partibus for male chorus and piano (1995);
Od Sasa. Sounds-Pauses-Events for mixed choir (2004);
Small cantata to words by Zbigniew Herbert, Hadrian Caesar and the Italian National Railways for choir and gongs (2008-…)

staged: Devil’s Frolics a ballet in one act according to Adam Münchheimer and Stanisław Moniuszko (1984-85);
The Saragossa Manuscript, ballet in one or two acts (2007)

Electronic music, theatre music, installations, text-sound compositions