Jerzy Artysz

Outstanding Polish baritone. Studied singing at Warsaw Academy of Music under Maria Halfter, graduating with honours in 1959. He later perfected his craft in Milan under the guidance of Maria Carbone-Rossini. Prizewinner at international singing competitions in Moscow (2nd prize, 1957), Toulouse (2nd Grand Prix, 1959) and Geneva (2nd prize, 1960). Soloist at the Grand Theatre in Warsaw since 1963. His opera repertoire includes lead baritone parts in works from various periods – from Monteverdi’s Orpheus, through Macbeth, the Flying Dutchman, Falstaff and Scarpia, to Berg’s Wozzeck and Penderecki’s The Black Mask. Works as soloist and stage director with the Warsaw Chamber Opera. He is also a respected performer of concert repertory. Has participated in many radio, television and record productions. Performed in most European countries as well as in the USA, Canada and Israel. Received the Minister of Culture and Arts Award in 1981. Contemporary music occupies a prominent place in Jerzy Artysz’s repertoire. He has often appeared at the ”Warsaw Autumn” festival and premiered many new compositions. In 1980 he was awarded the Polish Composers’ Union prize for outstanding achievement in performing and promoting Polish contemporary music. Jerzy Artysz is professor at Warsaw Academy of Music, teaches at the International Oratorio Music Courses in Wrocław and at singing classes in the Tarragona Conservatory. He is artistic director of the Summer Opera School of the Fortuna Theatre in Reus, Spain, and the Ecola d’Opera de Barcelona. Juror at international singing compotitions in Busseto, Barcelona, Geneva and Toulouse.