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 The idea of an album featuring works written specially to the Lutoslawski Quartet is strictly connected with the celebrations of the European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016. The release includes a CD album and a DVD.     

                All the featured works were commissioned, composed and had their premieres in 2016, hence the name of the album: 2016

       2017 sees the 10th anniversary of the Lutoslawski Quartet. This release is a kind of summary of the decade of the Wroclaw-based quartet’s activities. Over the 10 year, the quartet has presented mainly Polish chamber music on almost every continent. 

       The Lutoslawski Quartet musicians collaborate with young Polish composers – this has led naturally to new works being commissioned dedicated to this ensemble. Each composer featured on the disc is closely connected to LQ: Andrzej Kwiecinski (his works were played by LQ musicians even before LQ was founded), Pawel Mykietyn (his String Quartet No. 2 has been included in LQ’s concert programmes in Poland, Asia and North and South Americas), Marcin Markowicz (founder and 2nd violinist of LQ, whose previous String Quartet No. 3 was one of the most frequently played pieces in LQ programmes). 
       The DVD introduces the idea and offers us a glimpse of the CD production process, including interviews with the musicians and fragments of recordings.