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 2014 was designated Oskar Kolberg Year in commemoration of the 200th anniver­sary of his birth. This exceptional man’s legacy includes his renowned 33-volume ethnographic work as well as a magnificent archive of manuscripts many a European country would be proud to own. The aim and at the same time fundamental principle of his work was the compilation of broadly understood Polish folk culture of the 19th century. As a folklorist he was fully aware what an important role a communal sense of national identity based on knowledge and nurture of native traditions, would play in Poland’s revival. Today when we enjoy independence and freedom, our awareness of national identity should be just as important. 

The concept of Kolberg Year is ideally served by this recording, which features sets of works written or arranged by leading Polish composers of the 20th century, inspired by Polish folklore. Regardless of chosen harmonic procedures (as for example Henryk Mikołaj Górecki’s exceptionally simple and economical, or Romuald Twardowski’s and Juliusz Łuciuk’s large-scale based on the major-minor system) or textural measures, all the songs reflect to perfection the character of native musical traditions. The merits of the CD rely undoubtedly on its artistic aspects both in terms of chosen compositions as well as their excellent performance. 
Prof. Jolanta Szybalska-Matczak
Translation: Anna Kaspszyk