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Mykietyn’s Piano

“There exists (…) a certain instrument, that is to say: a musical medium of realization – through which music, while becoming audible to the sense of hearing, does so in a quasi non-sensory, an almost abstract way, audible that is, in a way peculiarly suited to its intellectual nature. This medium is the piano, an instrument that in terms of other musical mediums is not an instrument at all, since all specialization is foreign to it. It can indeed, like them be used in a solo performance and as a medium of virtuosity; but that is the exceptional case and strictly speaking a misuse. The piano, in actual fact, is a direct and autonomous representative of music in all its intellectuality (…).” Paweł Mykietyn’s contribution of works – for piano or with piano – appears to confirm the reflections of Thomas Mann taken from Doctor Faustus.

Grzegorz Piotrowski

transl. Anna Kaspszyk