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Karol Lipiński’s contribution to European violin music can hardly be overestimated. This was most emphatically expressed by Vladimir Grigorev, a Russian violinist and musicologist, professor of Moscow Conservatory: “His [Lipiński’s] work was a culminating point in European violin history. [...] Lipiński paved the way for a worldwide recognition of the Polish national culture. He was one of the first great composers before Chopin whose work became known outside Poland and won acclaim in Europe [...].”
    All of the 23 works by Karol Lipiński in our CD set represent the highest technical standards of composition, and the two Trios Op. 8 and Op. 12 are, in my view, the work of genius. Notably, the majority of the presented compositions refer in their names to the most ‘exploited’ if not ‘well worn’ forms such as a rondo, a fantasia, variations or a souvenir. Nevertheless, each piece contains an original, unusual idea. In comparison with the works of other composers from this period in the same genres, we are amazed by the composer’s imagination and by his exceptional sense of form and harmony.
    We can only hope that Karol Lipiński’s oeuvre will soon rival in popularity the work of that other, Italian Lipiński – Niccolò Paganini.
(Andrzej Wróbel, transl. Tomasz Zymer)