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Chopin Songbook is an artistic symbiosis of melodic and rhtyhmic elements from two quite different cultural and ethnic traditions. Chopin's music has Polish folk roots; jazz also stems from jazz music. The combination has resulted in a new aesthetic and intellectual quality. In the case of "Chopin Songbook" the idea of presenting traditional material with the use of contemporary devices has certainly been successful. One can sense a respect for the 19th century original. The evidence can be found in consistently used arrangement tricks, e.g. expressive dialogues between the soloist and solo instrument - trombone or double bass. The well-planned ways of producing sounds with these instruments have resulted in an almost onomatopoeic imitation of human voice and thus in a kind of dialogue - a basis for understanding, so vital in human relations.
(Piotr Szalsza, translation: Krzysztof Lewoc)