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The clarinettist Wojtek Mrozek's album caught my attention with the feeling of space it creates (something rare in Polish recordings) and with the natural sound of the instruments. The music is the borderland between ethnic and classical and was recorded at the Bydgoszcz Philharmonic, well-known for its splendid acoustics. Mrozek lives in Germany but frequently gives concerts in Poland. Together with the chamber orchestra Leopolis and the vocal group Menestreli from Lvov he has recorded arrangements of folk themes of various origin (Jewish, Greek, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Russian, American, and Polish Podhale music) as well as a tango and an arrangement of Brahms's Hungarian Dances. There is a variety of themes to everybody's liking. There are sentimental melodies and lively ones. And their performance is simply entrancing. Marek Dusza. AUDIO 6/2002