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The double album featuring an outstanding Polish violinist is, no doubt, the event of the year on the market. At last we have an almost complete set of Wieniawski’s works consisting of pieces for solo violin, two violins and for violin and piano. Besides well-known compositions such as Legend, Scherzo-Tarantelle, the two polonaises, Obertas and Kujawiak, lesser-known pieces have been included. Practically, the only items left out are juvenilia written for an occasion and thus having little significance to the present-day listener. The execution is great and the four leading Polish violinists play like real masters. The grand-style virtuosity of Kulka in the fantastically played breakneck Carnaval russe is really impressive, but so is the moderation in portraying romantic exultations and avoiding exaggeration in oversentimental themes. Janusz Mechanisz (ARTINFO PAP)