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Goldberg Variations is a piece which keeps all pianists and harpsichord-players awake at night. Paradoxically, it was commissioned by an aristocrat suffering from insomnia and was meant to bring him relief in this affliction. For performers, however, it is a true challenge, both technical (Bach fills the composition with all known and unknown tricks) and purely musical. For listeners, it is a masterpiece. Beginners will simply enjoy it, connoisseurs will feel provoked into philosophical contemplations and analyses. But first and foremost, it is one of the most beautiful compositions in the history of keyboard music. Each new recording of Goldberg Variations raises strong emotions and this new album by CD Accord is no exception. The soloist is Wladyslaw Klosiewicz, one of the most distinguished harpsichord-players today. His refined musicality, subtle and perfect technique and absolute artistic taste are a guarantee of success for his interpretations. Luckily for all lovers of this kind of music, the artist likes studio recording. In 1999 CD Accord released excellent Sonatas by Scarlatti in Klosiewicz's interpretation (ACD 055), and the catalogue includes his unique recording of pieces by Johann Jakob Froberger (ACD 035).