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There have been many fine recordings of this opulent score, including Solti's (Decca), Previn's (Telarc), and the recent Askkenazy (Ondine), but if forced to choose a single recording I have no hesitation in picking this one. I realize that this may come as a shock given the number of Strauss specialists (both conductors and orchestras) that have recorded the work, but I challenge anyone with even the vaguest idea of how this music should sound to compare this newcomer to, say, Thielemann's tiresomely mediocre version with the Vienna Philharmonic and not reach the honest conclusion that Kord conducts better, the Warsaw Philharmonic plays better, and CD Accord offers vastly superior sonics (and the best storm sequence ever). The fact that this is a live recording only makes the achievement all the more remarkable.

David Hurwitz, Classics Today


Classics Today