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Mieczysław Karłowicz was the first Polish composer whose orchestral works met the European standards. Their perfect and colourful instrumentation, modern form and rich musical content put them among the highest neo-Romantic symphonic achievements of the early 20th century. Unfortunately, they seldom appear in concert programmes. The good news is that Kazimierz Kord and the National Philharmonic Orchestra – the most appropriate for this repertoire – have recorded three most important and most perfect of Wieniawski’s compositions. The album released in the autumn of 1999 comprises the brilliantly performed Violin Concerto, whose charm matches works of Tchaikovsky, and two symphonic poems: the dramatic Stanisław and Anna Oświecim and the monumental Eternal Songs. Their execution, which brings out all the merits of Karłowicz’s music, is simply perfect. Janusz Mechanisz (ARTINFO PAP)