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An excellent offer for those who prefer classic interpretations of Chopin. Lidia Grychtolowna, a prize-winner of many prestigious competitions (Chopin Piano Competition 1955, Schumann Competition 1956, Busoni Competition in Bolzano 1958, Piano Competition in Rio de Janeiro 1959) and active concert performer, is a perfect example of the Polish traditional school of interpretation of Chopin music. The album features short pieces (waltzes, a nocturne), more extended forms (a scherzo) and the Concerto in F Minor op. 21. The wide range of moods and forms presented completes the picture of Grychtolowna's talent. The album includes also her most recent recordings made in 1999 with the Symphonic Orchestra of the National Philharmonic under Kazimierz Kord. The record comes from the philharmonic Chopin series by CD Accord.