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More and more frequently Polish guitarists are achieving success in international contests. One of them is 28-year-old Piotr Tomaszewski, who has participated in several important master courses and won three competitions (Krakow 1995, Spain 1997). His first album consists of 12 short pieces spanning the whole 20th century, from Isaac Albeniz to the contemporary composers. The music is not in the least monotonous. As the title promises, the record presents various colours of the guitar: the Argentinian milonga and tango (so typical of Astor Piazzola), subtle references to Chopin in the compositions of Alexander Tansman, Spanish climate in Joaquin Rodrigo's music, blues pastiche by Nikita Koshkin, and lastly, the most modern effects in Roland Dyens's "Libra Sonatine" with the use of the whole-tone scale. Some of the pieces are technically very difficult but that does not seem to be a problem for Tomaszewski, who plays in a relaxed and lively manner. He manages to highlight the stylistic and expressive difference of each composition. This successful album is clearly an important step in the young musician's career. (MUZYKA PAP)