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As a result of the unusual popularity of The Four Seasons, other compositions by Antonio Vivaldi remain practically unknown. The remaining 220 violin concertos can hardly ever be heard in concert halls or found in catalogues. Even less known are concertos for other instruments like viola d'amore, cello, mandolin or oboe (maybe with the exception of the flute). This is why a Polish album of Vivaldi's bassoon concertos is an optimistic sign. Six out of the thirty seven pieces have been selected and recorded by Andrzej Budejko and the Amadeus Orchestra under Agnieszka Duczmal. Stylistically, they clearly resemble Vivaldi's violin concertos (there may be some truth in the joke that the artist did not compose 500 concertos but only one - 500 times). They all follow the three-part scheme with a slow movement in the middle. They are short (the longest lasts only 11 minutes), very melodious, and nicely orchestrated. What makes them distinct from each other is the solo part tune adjusted to the sound properties of the bassoon and its technical abilities (cleverly used in lyrical, humorous, or even grotesque themes). This 300-year-old music still sounds light and fresh and makes enjoyable and relaxing listening. Another value of the record is the top-quality performance by Andrzej Budejko, a prizewinner at the bassoon competition in Vercelli and an experienced instrumentalist. The Amadeus Orchestra under Agnieszka Duczmal proves once again its position of a leading Polish chamber ensemble.