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Chopin never attached much importance to his songs. He did not plan to publish them, either, as most were composed occasionally for friends. When after his death Julian Fontana put them together and published as Opus 74 these vocal miniatures turned out to be real musical gems, unmatched by any other Polish songs of that time. The whole set consists of rather humourous songs based on folk rhytms, melancholic dumkas and lyrical or even dramatic romances. Only one of the songs ("Leci liscie z drzewa") is a more elaborate rhapsodic form. Some of these unpretentious compositions are part of the popular repertoire today, others remain less known, although the whole set has already appeared on a few records (sung by women-singers, incidentally, although some of the songs would sound better with male voices). The album of the popular vocalist Jolanta Kozlowska is certainly an interesting one. She sings charmingly and successfully avoids the affectation of many opera singers. Waldemar Malicki's accompaniment is colourful, free and easy, but at the same time quite unobtrusive. The nomination for the Fryderyk Award in the vocal category is therefore no surprise. (MUZYKA PAP)