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Bach's Solo Cello Suites, although very precise in form, offer the player an unlimited range of interpretations. In each of the six suites the music is both perfectly structured and filled with a variety of moods, from carefree play to religious ecstasy. In this tangle of rhythms and emotions, harmonies and colours, each player has to find his or her own way. And no respected cellist would refuse to take up the challenge. Andrzej Bauer's interpretation is unpretentious, focused, even ascetic. Totally in control of his phrasing, the artist dazzles us with wonderful details. His play unites the melodiousness of the music with the motive force of the rhythm. The tone colouring is fine and subtle and the cello has a nice velvety sound. All these qualities are highlighted by the perfection of the recording in which a slight reverberation softens the sound of the instrument. Bartosz Kamiñski. Gazeta Wyborcza (16 March 2000)