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These are no doubt the most famous works of Polish greatest composer. The F Minor concerto (Op.21) was actually created before the E Minor (Op.11) but was published later. Chopin was nineteen at the time (1829) and deeply in his first love. His strong feelings and the picture of their addressee Konstancja Gladkowska are vividly painted in the second part of the F Minor concerto (the beautifully sweet larghetto. The impulsiveness of both finales reflects the nature of Polish folk dances: mazur (in the F Minor concerto) and krakowiak (E Minor). As one Nobel prize-winner once said, Chopin's concertos "smell of violets and are very Varsovian in character." The Fryderyk Award '95 and the Album of the Year '95 is a unique and perfect interpretation of Chopin's concertos by Olejniczak and Nowak. [Studio: 12 Oct. 95, M.Kominek]